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Vital statistics
Name Henry Lazar
Age late teens
Family half-brother of Lucie; son of Adrian
Relationships Love interest of Lucie
Portrayed by Max Irons

Henry is the wealthy son of a woodcutter whom Valerie's parents have promised her to. Although Valerie loves Peter and not Henry, Lucie is in love with Henry. After the events that involves the wolf, Henry calls off the engagement.

Personality Edit

Henry is shown to be a kind, thoughtful, but reluctant young man who was said to be in love with Valerie, according to his grandmother, and this further proves this when he showed his jealousy at seeing Valerie with Peter. However he later comes to accept their relationship and cuts off his engagement with Valerie upon seeing that she didn't love him the way she loved Peter.

Henry was also reluctant to hunt the Wolf like his father suggested, but upon facing ridicule from his father, which may indicate a love-hate relationship with the latter, Henry agreed to hunt the Wolf. Unfortunately though, Adrian (Henry's father) was murdered doing so, which causes Henry to snap at anyone who talks to him, including Valerie, and for him to use physical force to get anyone out of his way, like when he pushed Valerie when she tried to calm him down from arguing with Peter, who he blamed for his father's death as the latter left the group moments before the Wolf attacked.

However, Henry is willing to do anything for those he cares about, like when he joined forces with Peter to save Valerie from being used as bait for the Wolf and when he takes an arrow protecting her.

At the end of the flim, Valerie narrated that Henry eventually found his courage and joined the captain's guard. His fate after that is unclear.



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