Everyone knows the fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood. A young girl goes into the woods to see her sick grandmother when she encounters a Big Bad Wolf who wants to eat her and her grandmother too! We are the most familiar with Brothers Grimm version; yet what captures our imaginations is not the original tale of a naive young girl but the idea of Red as a young woman.

Certainly Hollywood capitalizes on the story as a coming-of-age tale in which Red is an attractive woman, and the Wolf is a predatory man. A lot of modern adaptations feature the Wolf as an attractive youth who pursues Red not for food, but for love.

In this most recent adaptation by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, Valerie plays a young woman who is hunted by the Wolf, who happens to be her father. For the majority of the story, we are led to believe that Peter, Valerie's love interest is actually the Wolf. The archetype of the brooding, yet attractive Wolf is repeated in the story through Peter's connection with Valerie.

Out of all the adaptations of the classic Fairy Tale, which do you prefer?

Kate.moon 23:45, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

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