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Vital statistics
Name Valerie
Age 17
Family daughter of Cesaire and Suzette; half-sister of Lucie
Relationships romance with Peter
Portrayed by Amanda Seyfried

Valerie, played by Amanda Seyfried, is the main character of Red Riding Hood. She is 17 years old and the youngest daughter of a woodchopper in a small isolated village in the mountains.

Her village has a tradition of sacrificing their best livestock every full moon to appease the Wolf, who agreed to leave them alone if they did so. This agreement had been kept between the village and the wolf, for two generations. Until now. One day Valerie's sister is discovered to have been killed by the wolf near the outskirts of the village. Valerie soon realizes that she has a special connection to the wolf.


Alice and Anna daughters () john and Jake sons


  • Valerie's name means "strong, brave and valiant" in French, German, Dutch, English and Scandinavian.
  • It's revealed that in the book, she harbored jealousy of Solomon's Daughters because they were safe away from the village while she and the other villagers were remaining in great danger from the Wolf.


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